HW615 Band saw

Precision Ground and TiN Coated Worktable

This precision ground 20″ x 20″ table of premium cast iron ensures a smooth surface for precise work. The TiN coating provides greater surface durability and an excellent appearance.


Free Moving High-low Fence with Heavy Duty Extended Rails

High-low Fence Body. The high and low positions of the fence body are available for workpieces of different sizes which will improve safety when cutting small or intricate pieces. Easily read the ripping width with dual independent magnifying cursors for Hi-Low fence. Forward and Backward Moving. The fence body can be moved forward and backward. In the forward position, it can reduce the chance of kickback when cross cutting. Heavy Duty extended rails increase the maximum rip cutting capacity.


Versatile Fence and Precise Blade Guides


Fence: the fence has been upgraded to a 6" High-low fence which is made of high strength extruded aluminum. The position of the fence can be changed to accommodate the size of the work piece. In the vertical position, the fence provides stability for re-sawing applications. Rail: the rail was upgraded from a cylindrical bar to a structural steel tube providing additional strength and rigidity and allowing for more precise settings. The 6-point contact fence is easily adjustable and allows the fence to slide smoothly.

Robust Industrial Motor and Multiple Electrical Safety Designs

Industrial Grade Motor:the 3 HP TEFC, industrial grade motor supplies robust power needed for the large capacities of this band saw. Safety Shut Offs for Both Doors:the upper and lower cabinet doors are equipped with safety switches which automatically shut off the machine when a door is opened. Switch: the safety magnetic switch can prevent the motor from overheating. Foot Brake: immediately stops the saw blade when needed.

CE switch

CSA switch



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