HW110S Table Saw

TiN Coated Table


Deluxe T-square Rip Fence System for High Accuracy and Reliability

The HW110S is equipped with a Hi-Low fence body which accommodates workpieces of various sizes providing a stable support system while ensuring safety when cutting small pieces of wood. The fence body can also be moved forward and backward which effectively reduces the chance of kick back in crosscut operations. The multiple position fence body makes cutting bevels easier. The T-Square Rip Fence System can easily be adjusted to insure parallelism between the fence and the blade for smooth and precise cutting.


Blade Guard


Standard blade guard with dust port improves the dust collection efficiency. Upper window provides visibility for aligning the saw blade with the intended line of cut. Both side barriers automatically adjust to the thickness of the advancing workpiece.

Miter Gauge

Newly designed miter bar ensures the accuracy of miter angle setting. Max. 36” crosscut capacity meets most of your cutting demands. Ergonomically designed handle is easy to grip and reduces hand fatigue. High resolution laser-etched graduations are easy to read. Miter angle can be quickly and accurately set to -45°, -22.5°, 0°, +22.5°, +45° with adjustable stops.


Optimized Dust Collection System

The overarm dust collection assembly is mounted on the HW110S as standard equipment. It's designed to work with the 4” dust port and blade guard allowing the upper and lower dust collection to work in unison to achieve hours of clean, enjoyable cutting time.



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