T-40 Turbo Wood Lathe

Spindle drive with servo motor

The 220V Industrial Servo Spindle Motor, which is normally used on metalworking machining centers solves the issues of insufficient torque and drag found on most small lathes in the market. 

With a marvelous 300% overload capacity and an instant response to torque demands, the T-40 runs smoothly in operation.


Power with an Instant Response

  • The servo motor is managed by an instant response system within the drive computer which reacts to changes in the torque placed on it.
    When turning, the changing torque level is measured constantly and the servo motor will speed up or slow down in order to provide a smooth, consistent operating speed.
    The servo motor can provide up to 3HP at its peak, an incredible 12.54 Nm (Newton Meters). This means that the T-40 is capable of handling almost any kind of difficult cut.


Aesthetically Designed Tool Rest


The shape of the tool rest has been redesigned for operator ease and comfort.

Upgraded Live Center for More Stability of Workpiece

The live center is now made of carbon alloy tool steel. With its hardness, resistance to abrasion and ability to retain shape at increased temperatures, the live center now offers more stability and accuracy.



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