Harvey T-60S Heavy-Duty Wood Lathe

Precision Machined and Ground Castings

The bed, head stock and tail stock are made of premium cast iron. The head stock and tail stock slide freely on the bed ways which are precision machined and ground for smoothness.

This effort provides the basis for the centers to be precisely aligned in use.


An Industrial Servo Motor Provides Powerful and Consistent Drive


Aesthetically Designed Tool RestMagnetic-backed Remote Switch


The remote switch box has a magnetic backing and can be attached to any metallic surface of the lathe, which greatly improves the convenience of starting and stopping the machine.

Upgraded Live Center for More Stability of Workpiece

The live center is now made of carbon alloy tool steel.
With its hardness, resistance to abrasion and ability to retain shape at increased temperatures, the live center now offers more stability and accuracy.



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