Industrial Grade Dust Processor
After years of research and thousands of hours of testing, Harvey has succeeded in developing the revolutionary dust collectors--the G-1000 GYRO AIR Dust Processor .

Unlike any other dust collector, the G-1000 adopts the patented technology called GYRO AIR technology which allows the G-1000 to keep a high performance of dust collection consistently at 7 x 24 industrial operations without maintenance and deliver a super clean emission of 0.05 mg/m³.

The G-1000 has completely overturned the current perceptions of traditional dust collectors, which is a dream come true for users in metal working, woodworking, composite machining, stone cutting, polishing, and other operations.
  • Separates up to 99.7% of dust particles from the air before filtration
  • Strong suction capacity
  • Low noise level
  • Unique flow cruise
  • Wireless synchro-control
  • Extremely clean emission
  • CE Certified for Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less clogging of filter
  • Intelligent control
  • Remarkable designs and low-cost installation

Separates Up to 99.7% of Dust
Particles from the Air Before Filtration

Unique GYRO AIR® technology

The GYRO AIR® technology efficiently separates 99.7% of dust particles from the air before filtration, providing the benefit of a lower load on the filters resulting in a longer filter life.

Low Noise Level
Super quiet (61-72dB(A))
Low Noise Level
Super quiet (61-72dB(A))

Strong Suction Capacity

Max. Air Flow: 1400 CFM
Max. Static pressure: 19-1/4 inch-water

Intelligent Dust Cleaning

In order to ensure the fixed flow and wind speed, the GYRO AIR® is equipped with an intelligent dust cleaning system.

By default, when the machine is connected to power or stopped, the filter will be cleaned by high-pressure air to ensure that the filter is not clogged.

  • The running Intelligent Dust Cleaning System
  • The clean filter after intelligent dust cleaning

Interface of Intelligent Dust Cleaning

  • Filter cleaning by pressure difference: If the pressure difference is higher than the setting value, the filter cleaning system functions until the pressure difference is lower than the setting value.
  • Off-line cleaning: clean the filter after stopping the machine with the power connected for 30 minutes.
  • Sustained cleaning: once the machine is connected to the power, the filter cleaning works constantly.

Speed Adjustment Mode
and Flow Cruise Mode

The GYRO AIR® Dust Processor can be connected to multiple units

Interface of Speed Adjustment Mode and Flow Cruise Mode

  • In order to ensure the same dust collecting capacity, you can choose the flow cruise mode. The GYRO AIR® dust processor adopts the VFD, which ensures the stable output of power to the motor causing it to run at a high efficiency without overload.
  • The speed adjustment mode allows the user to adjust the speed according to the number of units being used with the GYRO AIR®, whether it be a single unit or multiple units. The speed adjustment has the capacity to meet different needs of dust collecting while saving energy.

  • For convenience, the GYRO AIR ® is equipped with an easy-to-use wireless remote control to start or stop the unit within a work area of 20 meters. 
  • After an initial set-up, the wireless synchro-control (Optional Part), will automatically start and stop the GYRO AIR ® through WIFI with the equipment it’s hooked up to for dust collection.

Easy Maintenance

G-1000 is specially designed for super easy maintenance.

The filters can be easily pulled out with no tools needed.

The dust bin can roll out on four wheels.

Application Scenarios



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